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Pegasus Flying Car

The world's first truly drivable VOTL Flying Car that fits in your garage. No Runway Required.

Pegasus Aerospace Corp ushers in a new era of personal transportation with the ground-breaking Pegasus-E, a multi-modal vehicle capable of seamlessly transitioning between drive and flight without the need for a runway. This innovation transforms any open space into a potential take-off and landing zone. The Pegasus-E boasts proprietary technology for adaptable vertical take-offs and landings, placing practicality at the forefront of the VTOL market. Developed as the first of its kind, it demanded a visually striking, sleek, and functional aesthetic to complement its innovative semi-monocoque multi-modal chassis and automatic folding rotor blades. Prioritizing aerodynamic efficiency, safety, and desirability. The result is a fusion of form and function, where the dramatic supercar side intake pods stand out as a testament to the serious handling capabilities of the Pegasus-E. Exposed carbon fibre panels not only contribute to the vehicle's aesthetic appeal but also serve as a visual representation of the meticulous attention to innovative engineering that defines Pegasus.

Hybrid power, more than just electric

Globally, there is a race to develop the next-generation in passenger transportation alternatives — Many “Flying Car” companies have approached this challenge with iterations on the eVOTL passenger drone concept. This approach leads to several common technical difficulties: novel technologies come with an unproven safety record and are therefore difficult to certify; have a short flight range of around 35-minutes; required significant new infrastructure development to achieve real-world functionality; and finally, eVOTL's are not designed to be drivable. The Pegasus designed solution synthesizes the best in proven aviation rotorcraft + automotive technologies to deliver the world’s first true VOTL that can be driven on the road. As a hybrid that carefully balances a combination of proven, safe technologies, Pegasus delivers real-world practicality on the road and in the sky with a vehicle that is highly usable at a consumer skill level.

Ground to Cloud Technology

Shift Gears: From Asphalt to Altitude — Combining the best of aviation rotorcraft and automotive technologies.

Our design philosophy at Pegasus centers on creating innovative solutions that align with existing regulations, ensuring immediate feasibility and smooth integration. We focus on designing familiar yet forward-compatible products that can be easily upgraded, making them both practical for today and prepared for future advancements. This approach defines what Pegasus stands for. The police department, border control and emergency services are the few industries where we see Pegasus flying cars providing significant improvement and overall efficiency. Our long range, VTOL and easy refueling capabilities gives us the edge over other competitors.

The Sky is No Limit

A revolutionary method of multi-modal transportation — Handles like a supercar, flies like a dream.

The Pegasus E flying car is the result of years of R&D by the Pegasus Aerospace Corp leading to the invention of several novel technologies and functions. The vision required a platform that would deliver on two key 'must-haves' for the Pegasus E — Strong enough to handle the road — Light enough to fly. Taking on this challenge led to break-through engineering solutions and the development of new manufacturing methods, resulting in the world’s first semi-monocoque chassis for a VTOL craft. Pegasus patented technologies allow any user to take off and land anytime, anywhere. With proven rotorcraft technology the E-Series can auto-rotate (glide) to safety in an emergency event should engine failure and power loss occur. Using conventional unleaded high octane gas for flight, and electric power for the road — this hybrid combination allows for a 3HR+ range compared to the market competitor average of 35 minutes.

Aircraft-Grade Engineering

Certified airworthy with the Civil Aviation Safety (CASA) Australia

Pegasus is classified as an aerospace platform; therefore, safety and quality were of utmost priority. To ensure component strength, materials such as aircraft-grade 6061 and 7075 T6 aluminium, certified 4130 Chromoly steel tubes, and advanced prepreg carbon fibre have been utilized. Pegasus has achieved airworthiness registration with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Australia. The E-Series can be flown in Australia under current airspace regulations by people with any helicopter pilot's license. Currently the vehicles can be driven on private roads, and VicRoads certification is in process. 2024 key objectives for the Pegasus Aerospace Corp includes obtaining US airworthiness certification for the Pegasus-E which all preparation work have begun.

Pegasus Aerospace Corporation, an advanced air mobility company with roots in Australia, has now started operations in the United States.

Las Vegas-based Pegasus Aerospace Corporation has started to market the Pegasus E-Class “Air Ferrari”. This is not only a hybrid VTOL but is also a sports car whose sophistication channels Formula One says the company. With a recreational helicopter pilots license and a driver's license, you will potentially be able to park your Pegasus in your home garage, take a short drive to the nearest vertiport and take off for your destination, repeating the process on the other side. A car trip that might normally take 60 minutes one-way will literally only take 15 minutes door-to-door.

“With its hybrid propulsion system, the E-Class has a range of 300 miles and can fly for up to three hours straight before refuelling is needed. And filling the tank is easy; you just pull into any gas station and fill up with normal high-octane gasoline. As a car, the E-Class can achieve over 75 miles per hour on pure-electric power. The Pegasus product range encompasses single and dual-seaters and a 4-seater air taxi, the "Pegasus Air-Taxi" and its potential applications span the gamut of civilian, medical, logistics, police, and emergency services.

Beyond its innovative practicality, Pegasus products enjoy another big competitive advantage in the AAM space: the E-Class civilian and police models have already obtained airworthiness registration with Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and are flown in Australia under existing airspace regulations. A big milestone for Pegasus in 2024 will be leveraging its CASA registration and inter-operability standards between Australia and the US to fast track obtaining the equivalent registration from the FAA. Pegasus Aerospace is looking forward to ending 2024 in the position of being able to offer US consumers the ability to enjoy a real flying car!

“But this is just the beginning for Pegasus Aerospace. With a product ready now and easily commercialised, Pegasus aims to become a leading global manufacturer of “Air-Ferrari” flying cars and to pioneer establishing and operating short-haul point-to- point “Pegasus Air Taxi” services among the 57 biggest US metro areas, filling gaps in the existing hub and spoke airline service model. In the meantime, though, Pegasus is looking forward to introducing the E-Class to the North American aviation world at CES in January 2025."

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Pegasus —The world's only true drivable VOTL Flying Car that fits in your garage, No runway required. With Pegasus E you can avoid all the traffic with ease, in style and with great efficiency.

With a single press of the button, transit between flight and driving modes automatically in 3 seconds. A destination that was one hour away can now be reached in 15 minutes. With more than 3 hours of flight range, you can get to anywhere at anytime.

Pegasus In Action

Imagine how the Pegasus E Flying car can make your transportation more convenient, more flexible,  and more efficient. With VTOL ability, we make the flying car dream accessible for everyone.

See them in action here:

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