Vision: Beyond Roads

With our unique integration of modern automobile and rotorcraft technologies, we have created the Pegasus E, the world’s only true VTOL-capable drivable flying car that can be parked in any general car park or garage. With Pegasus, people are now able to shift transportation into the third dimension, saving precious time by effectively escaping traffic congestion.

With the consumer and usability in mind, there are no manual inputs between flight and road functions. The transition can be done in three seconds by pushing a single button. When the Pegasus has landed, the main rotors fold in half automatically using centrifugal force. This is our patented technology providing our customers with the ultimate in convenience. The Pegasus E controls are also extremely similar to cars and rotorcrafts. Our patented three-foot paddle system integrates all driving and flight controls into one package, allowing driving controls to be the same as a normal car and flight controls to be the same as a rotorcraft.

While our competitors suffer short range issues, this is not the case for the Pegasus E. Being a hybrid flying car, the Pegasus E has a range of 3 hours, equivalent to 420kms. In flight, the Pegasus E has a top speed of 160km/h and 120km/h (electronically limited) max speed when driving on the road. 95# unleaded petrol is our standard fuel so our users will not suffer from any form of range anxiety.

The Pegasus E is built with advance light-weight materials like autoclave prepreg carbon composites, titanium and aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminium. The chassis construction technique is also a novelty created by Pegasus aiming to keep the Pegasus as light as possible, giving owners a extremely satisfying control experience in flight and on the road. With full race car front suspension, the Pegasus E is just as satisfying to drive as a super car.

With a powerful engine for flight, the Pegasus E has a world leading 90% power reserve, an unbelievable statistic for the entire helicopter category.

The Pegasus E is the ultimate flying car, ticking all the boxes. With our VTOL and range superiority relative to our competitors, Pegasus E is an immediate fit for your lifestyle. Radically shortening travel times and improving convenience, the Pegasus E is a comprehensively superior mode of transportation.