Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

+ 1. What is the price of a Pegasus? In full production, Pegasus will have a price similar to a Super Car. Contact us for current pricing.

+ 2. When will Pegasus be available for purchase?
You can make a reservation on our website at any time.

+ 3. Is there a waiting list to purchase a Pegasus?
There is a waiting list, and we are doing our best to meet all the inquires from our customers.

+ 4. Can I put down a deposit on a Pegasus? Yes, you can make a down payment of 70 per cent.

+ 5. What colours does Pegasus come in? Pegasus is available in red, blue, and white. Custom colours can also be arranged.

+ 6. Will a 2- and/or 4-seat version be available?

At present, we have one or two seater versions only. However, we will have 4 different products in the near future with all the possibilities.

+ 7. Can I purchase the propeller folding system separate from a Pegasus? Our propeller folding system is a proprietary technology and is not sold separately.

+ 8. Where can I see the Pegasus in person? We will be exhibiting at the 2023 Avalon Air Show in Melbourne, or you can contact us to arrange a visit.

+ 9. Do you need a pilot’s licence to fly a Pegasus? This depends on where you fly your Pegasus. In Australia, yes, you need a pilot’s licence and a driver’s licence. In the US, however, it is possible to fly the Pegasus without a pilot’s licence if you have successfully completed the FAA Private Pilot written examination and have also completed the company-mandated vehicle familiarisation and operator training programs.

+ 10. Can I test fly a Pegasus ? Yes, as long as you're the buyer.


+ 11. Can Pegasus fit in a trailer ?
Pegasus does not need to be transported by a trailer. It can be driven on any road and parked in any standard parking space and garage.

+ 12. How do you move Pegasus once it is on the ground?
We use two small carts. This allows a single individual to easily move our vehicles.

+ 13. How can I invest in Pegasus or purchase Pegasus stock? Pegasus is ultimately aiming to list on NASDAQ to allow us to scale up to mass production and serve a global market. If you are interested in investing in Pegasus, please contact us. We welcome serious investors who share our vision and values.

+ 14. Why is the company named Pegasus? The Pegasus is a winged creature from Greek mythology who could fly freely through the universe and whose beauty and wonder became an inspiration for poets. One day, flying cars named after Pegasus will fly all over the world and Pegasus will come to personify flying cars.