One day our founder, Michael, was caught in a serious traffic jam. He happened to look up at the sky and realised something truly fascinating: although the roads were jam-packed with vehicles, there was not a thing in the sky above. It was a light-bulb moment for Michael – if cars could fly, traffic congestion could very well become a thing of the past. From that moment in 2009, the vision and will to create a flying car took root in Michael’s heart. Persevering through the many challenges along the way, Michael’s vision has stayed strong and become a reality, with many more pages yet to be written.

The Pegasus Team

Michael Walton Yang Founder/Director/CEO

Founded the Pegasus flying car project in 2009 Expert in flying car and VTOL design and manufacturing Specialisation in practical rotorcraft innovative design and development, targeting two dimensional transportation issues globally. Designed 6 models of the Pegasus range, which covers modern transportation fields such as air ambulance, air Taxi, and air logistics. Successful public listing of UPE on SIM VSE Australia in 2010 Previous Air force fighter pilot Master of Business Administration, FuDan BI Norway MBA

Jacky Yang

CTO/Test Pilot

Australia's youngest solo flight record holder.

(14 years old) Power delta wing pilot license holder, civil helicopter license holder. 8 years Formula Driver/Mechanic experience Specialization in system and composites engineering A double major in politics and economics from the Australian National University.

Deborah Thomas Special Assistant to the CEO

25-plus years with General Electric in financial analysis, systems implementation program management and risk management roles in the US, Japan, Australia, and Greater China 6-plus years of small business experience in the automotive repair tool sector with a focus on logistics processes and product branding Master’s degrees in Translating & Interpreting – Chinese (RMIT) and Computer Information Systems (University of Phoenix)

Peter Schaefer

Structural Engineer

Former Team Manager / Engineer of Formula Brabham / Nissan / Gibson Racing Team Former Project Researcher / Project Manager of Australian CSIRO of Sciences Chemistry and Polymers Division, Composites Manufacturing Centre, Resin Systems. Former structural Designer / Aerodynamicists of Australian Holden Racing Team. Winning more than 10 championships and 5 wins at the legendary Bathurst.

Zhou XinSheng

Mechanical Engineer

14 years Mechanical Design / Structural Mechanics Engineer, specialisation in machinery automation Participated in the design and manufacture of Pegasus flying car project for many years One of the designers of wing folding and power conversion systems of Pegasus


Critical CAD Engineer

Specialisation in Aircraft Design and Manufacturing in University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Professional Engineer with12 years of experience in aircraft maintenance and quality inspection of the heavy duty and emergency response K-MAX helicopter team

Mark Rindel

Aeronautical Engineer/ Test Pilot

2019 Australia transcontinental flight record holder 32 Years + safe flight experience with different aircraft 20 years of fixed-wing/helicopter design experience 20 years machining expert with specialty in laser technology.

Ibrahim Mabroor

Electrical Engineer

Former Chief Electronic Engineer of Formula SAE Racing at RMIT University, Australia. Former Specialized Automotive Electronics/Production Engineer of Walking Shaw Group, Australia Australian HSV vehicle production layout/manufacturing process planner SAE Engineering Data Statistician/ECU/CAN-bus Engineer.

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