2021 Pegasus ZhuHai AirShow
2020 Pegasus CES

Pegasus —The world's only true drivable VOTL Flying Car that fits in your garage, No runway required. With Pegasus E you can avoid all the traffic with ease, in style and with great efficiency.

With a single press of the button, transit between flight and driving modes automatically in 3 seconds. A destination that was one hour away can now be reached in 15 minutes. With more than 3 hours of flight range, you can get to anywhere at anytime.

Pegasus In Action

Imagine how the Pegasus E Flying car can make your transportation more convenient, more flexible,  and more efficient. With VTOL ability, we make the flying car dream accessible for everyone.

See them in action here:

Photos of 2023 Avalon AirShow

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